The Tree of Life (2011) – O’Brien Family

Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien, Jack, R.L., and Steve.


The Top 25 Films from the Last 25 Years – America Magazine

“The Tree of Life” (2011). Terrence Malick’s masterpiece, no stranger to best-of-the-century lists, plunges the viewer into a philosophical exploration of grief, theodicy and the duality of grace and human nature as a mid-century Texas family learns about the death of one of their three sons. The film’s experimental cinematography, replete with gratuitous nature shots, along with its extended special-effects sequence depicting the creation of the universe, cemented Malick’s signature aesthetic as well as his reputation for creating soul-searching films. This Palme d’Or winner earns a special mention on this list for its final beach scene, which we humbly but confidently laud as the greatest film depiction of eschatological bodily resurrection ever.

-America Magazine

Isabelle Senechal|Ryan Di Corpo|Colleen Dulle

March 27, 2020