‘The minute you see him blink, crack him, okay?’ – The Tree of Life (2011)

Two Ways Through Life - The Tree of Life (2011) Film Enthusiast

Mr. O’Brien (To Jack):

You act like you’re in trouble. You don’t wanna fight. Nah. You don’t want any trouble. The minute you see him blink, crack him, okay?

Okay. Okay? Come on. Three-quarters. Cover. You’re going to cover, right? Okay. Hit it. Come on.

Nice. Nice. Harder. Nice. That’s a good right. Let’s see your left.

That’s the most important thing, okay? You come in this way?

You come in this way. You keep the guard up. Hit me! Come on, hit me.

Come on! Come on, Jack! Hit me. Hit me. Hit me. Come on. Come on.

Here. Here it is. Here it is. Hit it. Come on, Son! Come on! Son.

Left. What are you doing?

Dust yourself off.

Mr. O’Brien (To R.L.): Left. Don’t leave your tongue out. You’re gonna lose it.

Left. Left. Right. Right.

Left. Harder. Harder. Harder! Come on, hit me. Hit me.

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