Great Images from Great Movies – “The Tree of Life”

There can never be enough stills from this masterpiece.

Keith & the Movies

great-images-tree of lifeTruly great movies can leave indelible marks. It may be through an emotional connection to the story. It may be through a remarkable performance or a signature scene. But it could also be through the brilliant imagery a film can carve into your mind. That’s what this feature is all about – highlighting great images from great movies. Today we look at Terrence Malick’s stunning “The Tree of Life.

treepostertree7tree4tree19tree14tree12tree8tree11tree9tree20The Tree Of Life - 2011tree16tree5tree3tree10tree1tree15tree18tree17tree6tree13So what on your thoughts on “The Tree of Life”? Which image stands out the most? Let me know in the comments section below.

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